Romina Abbasian, BS

Graduate Student
Master of Science Program in Pathology

Research Project:

Bosch’s Lab studies interbacterial interaction among different species of Bacteroides, one of the most abundant gram-negative phyla in our gut microbiome. Several mechanisms are involved in Bacteroide’s fitness within the microbiome such as 1. Utilization of different carbon sources 2. Bacterial antagonism mechanisms: type VI secretion system 3. Peptidase and proteins

My research in Bosch’s lab focuses on identifying potential immunity proteins and peptidases that contribute fitness advantage of Bacteroides and more importantly understanding the underlying mechanisms.

About Romina:

Apart from the lab, I enjoy cooking and discovering good coffee shops and restaurants in town. I love working out and most of the time you find me at the gym.

Romina Abbasian
Bachelor of Science in Biology and minor in chemistry- California State University, East Bay